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‘Change is Coming – the Taunton Garden Town


In 2017, Taunton was awarded Garden Town status and many of us have wondered what this means in practice.  Being a Garden Town is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people who live here.  High level work has now been done to define and shape the Garden Town - but we need your help to make Taunton the place you want it to be.  We are asking you to comment on the Vision Document which shapes and outlines the Garden Town.   


When endorsed as policy by the new Somerset West and Taunton Council in May, as it is expected to be, the Vision set out in the document will be implemented through a huge project delivery plan, which will run for many years.  Making Taunton a Garden Town will change the face of Taunton and will affect everyone who lives here.  It will govern all planning permissions, all development and all environmental decisions, including flood protection.  It will change the look and feel of Taunton, and what it’s like to live here.  We want to improve the quality of life for everyone, in every way you can think of.  


The link to the Vision Document is here.


Please read it, consider what it says and give your comments to Taunton Deane, preferably at ‘’.


The breadth of thinking in the Garden Town proposal, its ambition, and its imaginative improvement of all aspects of living in Taunton will make it the most important thing for Taunton people in many decades.  We live in one of the very few places in England that can decide, in the next year or two, what it will be like to live here for generations to come.  We can make Taunton a fabulous place to live.  Will you help us do it?’



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