Furniture and appliances reuse


Instead of throwing usable unwanted furniture and household appliances away, you can arrange to have suitable items collected and re-used by local furniture reuse projects.



Furniture and appliances collected by these groups are provided at low cost to members of the community on restricted incomes.


Only reusable furniture and appliances can be accepted, although in some cases minor repairs can be undertaken. Items not suitable for reuse can be taken to Wellington or Taunton Recycling Centres or can be collected for a fee, which can be arranged by your local council customer services.


Furnitrust (Home Furniture Services Trust)

01823 253053

Mon to Fri – 9.30 to 3.15

Closed Bank Holidays


What type of items do the groups accept?

A whole range of furniture and household items, including electrical appliances, can be accepted, but you will need to contact your local reuse group to check if they can reuse your item. They must be in reasonable condition and furniture such as sofas must be made of the suitable fire resistant material now required by law.


Other charity outlets

A number of charity shops sell donated good quality furniture alongside bric-a-brac, books and clothing.


The British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical store in Taunton can offer free collection of unwanted furniture and electrical items for sale to raise funds. Contact them on 0844 248 9122 or visit for queries or to arrange a collection.


St. Margaret's Hospice can offer free collection of these and other items, if of good quality and in working order, though their central booking number 01935 415500 : furniture, electrical items (not white goods), bedding and linens, crockery, clothing, ornaments and bric-a-brac.