The idea to provide allotments in the Parish originally came from a proposal put to the Parish Council by Cllr. Joyce Parsons.  The Chairman discussed the idea with a local farmer and a field was identified that could be used for allotments.  It was agreed to rent the field to the Parish Council for 10 years.  Advertisements were placed around the village and soon applicants were coming forward. An application to the Lottery Fund was made for the fencing, which was successful and the fencing went up in March 2008.  The Norton Allotment Association was formed to take on the day to day running of the site.    


In 2010 unfortunately the landowner died and the farm was put up for auction.  The Allotment Association appealed the Parish Council for help and they agreed to purchase the land at a meeting attended by 40 tenants.  This was the largest attendance at a Parish Council meeting in living memory.  The allotments have now become a statutory site, the first in the country for many years.





All allotment plots are now taken for 2024.  If you are interested on going on the waiting list please apply to:

Norton Allotment Association, John Relins

Tel: 07711 157808

There are several allotment sites in Taunton, if they are of interest they are listed on the Somerset Council website.


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